Pet Policy

It’s a dog’s life. 

We admit, we are obsessed with our pets. We’ve got two dogs who are family to us, and we understand what your pets mean to you. No matter what weight, size, or breed, if your pet is part of your family and well behaved, then they are welcome in our facilities at no extra charge.

Our properties are not completely fenced, so we ask that you please do not let them too close to the road. Please plan to keep your pet with you during the majority of your stay. We understand that you may want to go out and enjoy the surrounding area without your pet at times. If you leave your pet in your room, be sure to leave your mobile number with us so that we may contact you if necessary. Even the most well behaved pets can get a bit anxious when left alone in a new environment.

Pets are free to roam off-leash at The Farmhouse. Owners must keep their pets within eyesight at all times.

Pets must be leashed at all times on The Greenhouses Hotel property except in guest rooms and in designated off-leash areas.

A few things to keep in mind:

Two dogs maximum per room. Please be cognizant of how your pet will behave in your room and bring a kennel if necessary. We won’t say no to animals at our facilities, but we may ask that animals stay in their rooms if they disturb other guests or staff during their stay. And we may require you to return to the property and remain with your pet in your room if they are causing a disturbance to neighboring guests while you are out of your room.

Please pick up after your pet. We like for our guests to be able to roam the grounds without fear of "land mines." Baggies are available on site.

All pets should be up to date with vaccines, have some type of flea and tick preventative, and be sociable with other dogs.

Accidents do happen, but please treat our facilities like you would your own home and clean up any pet accidents immediately. Pet odor specific floor/rug cleaner is available upon request. 

Guests are responsible for cleaning or replacement cost of any damaged buildings, fixtures, or furnishings.

Pets are NOT allowed in natural swimming pond at Audrey's Farmhouse.


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