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Don and Audrey Leff are a rare species in the Bed & Breakfast business. They aren’t the typical laid-back retirees in cardigans who treat their business as simply a retirement hobby. In fact, they are far from retired. At the same time, they aren’t the overly enthusiastic B&B hosts new to the business, harried by perfecting Martha Stewart muffins. In fact, they have gone far beyond Martha Stewart when it comes to knowing what comprises true hospitality. So what makes them different?

Both Don and Audrey have made an art of country farmhouse ambiance. They also have an intrinsic understanding of what their guests look for when they want to escape from the stress of their busy lives. Together, they each bring their special talents to the table and an 85% average of returning guests attests to their success.

Audrey Leff’s talents are as beautiful as she is. Originally, Audrey’s father, a leader in freeze drying and the owner of a world-wide corporation called Virtis, employed his daughter for trade shows and for arranging entertainment for prominent world-renown scientists. Learning the art of fine dining and the necessity for attention to every detail necessary for such upscale entertainments prepared Audrey for her future as an elegant host in the Bed & Breakfast world. And in 1985 she turned her entrepreneurial skills to the B&B industry and shaped a unique pet-friendly niche that now enjoys national and international acclaim.

A look at their plank table at the Farmhouse, always set, is the first indication guests have that Audrey’s is no ordinary Bed & Breakfast, and Audrey no ordinary host. Set with fine china and silver, candles, and flowers, the table awaits the gourmet 5-course breakfast served by her chef and staff, all under the direct supervision of Audrey. Bagels and bacon and eggs are forbidden, dismissed by such fare de jour as croissants and sautéed pears, almond-crusted French toast and, and pumpkin waffles in the shape of acorns. And the beds! True feather beds, down comforters, and impeccably ironed sheets graced with sprigs of lavender – Audrey’s elegant tastes are clearly a welcome anomaly in such a rustic setting!

Don, on the other hand, brings his own sense of sophistication and business acumen to the Farmhouse. A Wharton graduate in Industrial Management (his fine offering of classics in their library attests to his love of literature), and a former business owner of several concerns in New York City, Don quickly adapted to life in the country with Audrey and took over the general management of the Farmhouse five years ago. He, like Audrey, eschewed the easy life of retirees, and Don is known for his almost maniacal energy in assuring that every detail is taken care of and that his guests are treated to everything from a bottle of wine on the cocktail table to darling doggie bags for the canine guests. Overlook these minute but important details and heads fly!

When Don is not concocting new angles to please his guests, he is out riding his marathon-level bike, preparing for across-state AIDS fund-raiser rides, or at the gym keeping himself in top-notch shape. Finally, Don has no qualms putting on an apron and personally serving his guests, happy to please them and happy to exchange stories.

Finally, the one common characteristic both Don and Audrey share is their love of animals. Their separate studio on the grounds is the home of their cat Chi and their beloved little dog Lakoda, and nothing is spared for their comfort. This, of course, carries over to their enthusiastic reception and treatment of all their guests’ pets!

No, these are not ordinary B&B hosts. The overwhelming success of their B&B attests to that.

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